“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Meade, “Evolutionary Clusters”

Twice a month I teach a 90 minute tele-shamanism class designed for you to strengthen your intuition and deepen into your spiritual practice.

It takes regular practice, focus and patience to be able to listen deeply and make clear, healthy, empowered choices. By meeting twice a month we open up to the time and space needed to practice and integrate these skills.

The Garden Sessions provides a safe container for you to remember your natural gifts and strengths so you can live authentically from the heart and thrive.


I teach shamanic ways to ground, relax and open your psychic senses so that you can deepen your intuition and embrace your life’s purpose. Each session will begin with a heart-expanding guided journey and there will be teaching and discussion.


Learn how to embrace the hidden realms and enter the unknown in your life with a sense of wonder by developing a relationship with your spirit guides and exploring divination techniques.

It is our collective energy and love that promotes healing and powerful change.


Get Grounded, Stay Grounded

Heal & Harmonize With Nature 

Strengthen Your Intuition

Deepen Into Your Spiritual Practice

Open Your Heart & Thrive


This is a sacred container

a safe space of non-judgement and deep listening. I share from my own basket of powerful shamanic healing tools so that you can integrate this sacred wisdom and pay it forward in your own life.

The setting is relaxed, fun and empowering so that you can confidently integrate the changes in your life and bring your healing practices out into the world.



We meet twice a month for 90 minutes, every other Thursday at 3PM ET via Zoom

Session at a Time: $25

Monthly Subscription: $37