We all have a vital life force within that is our spiritual essence, our Soul.

We are nature and spirit.

Our well being depends on a strong, healthy spirit and full vital soul essence in order to live a healthy, balanced, connected and harmonious life.

Whether from the loss of a loved one, suffering an illness, an accident, a difficult surgery, a difficult relationship or working in a stressful environment – any trauma that causes personal distress, emotionally or physically, can cause us to lose inner power, thus leaving us to feel vulnerable and disconnected from life.

Shamanic Healing addresses healing on a spiritual / emotional level to provide harmony and balance in order to feel vibrant, whole, grounded and healthy.

Benefits of receiving a healing :

  • Increased vitality and power
  • Feeling grounded and at peace
  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Relief from grief or loss
  • Release of trauma
  • Personal and spiritual insight
  • Improved relationships
  • Enhance ability to create desired life changes
  • Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being
  • Improved finances
  • Greater ability to manifest goals
  • Greater ability to release addictions
  • Greater connection to nature
  • Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose
  • Strengthened immune system, increased health
  • Remove blocks to creative flow and abundance

Generally, healing sessions take about 2 hours. Because of the intensity of these sessions, it’s important to leave time afterwards to relax, reflect and integrate.

There are three parts to the healing session. We begin with a short overview of your energy. This is followed by the energy healing such as; chakra balancing, soul retrieval, extraction, cord clearing, Reiki, bodywork, divination, guided meditation and breath-work. Once the healing is complete we finish the session with some discussion and suggestions to help you integrate the healing.

Healing can be provided on an as needed basis or we can continue to work together on the process of integration of the healing with regular follow up sessions.

The purpose of continuing the work together would be to find ways to restore balance and harmony in your life and create a positive present and future for yourself.

Most people experience noticeable differences with each session, however it’s important not to expect a quick-fix, especially for deeper, chronic issues. These may take longer to unravel.

Book a Session

You may choose the single session payment opti​on depending ​on your ne​eds ​or choose the intensive pack option below and receive the benefits of the soul healing mentoring program.

One Healing Session (90 Mins – 2 Hours) / $250

Package of Four Healing Sessions (60 – 90 Mins) / $620


One Healing Session: $250

4 Session Package: $620

A sliding scale is available to those in need who are working with Sue on an on-going basis.

Please note that you must be willing to engage in personal work to experience long term results from any shamanic healing work.

Remember that all services here are a compliment with traditional medical care and should not be used as a replacement for appropriate or immediate medical attention.