Navigate your life with mindfulness to manifest peace and happiness.

Intuitive readings help to give you practical insight and allow new, inspiring stories to emerge. They help raise your level of awareness and give you helpful choices that are aligned with your heart & soul.

In these sessions, I will assist you in navigating the day to day, in all areas of your life (such as career, relationships, spiritual path). We work together to gain fresh insight that will help you make clearer, healthier choices in all areas of your life.

You may feel stuck, blocked or unsure of the path you’re on. I work with you to help you gain new awareness and help to illuminate a clear path that is in alignment with your truth, your joy. Aligning with your truth gives you the reassurance you need to break through fear, old beliefs and old patterns that no longer work.


Relax and be open. Be as clear as possible about your area of concern or intention and hold this in your heart during our session together. Please arrive on time. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy unless there is an emergency.

Phone / In Person Sessions 

You may choose the single session payment opti​on depending ​on your ne​eds ​or choose the intensive pack option below and receive the benefits of the soul healing mentoring program.

1 Hour Session / $180

Package of Four Sessions / $620 (save $100)

Private Mentoring / Contact Sue for details

1 Hour Session: $180

4 Sessions: $620

A sliding scale is available to those in need who are working with Sue on an on-going basis.

Please note that you must be willing to engage in personal work to experience long term results from any shamanic healing work.

Remember that all services here are a compliment with traditional medical care and should not be used as a replacement for appropriate or immediate medical attention.